About Us

About Us

CHONGQING ERAN HVAC Equipment Co.,Ltd. is specializing in the production of ventilation equipment, duct and accessories, is integrating design, manufacturing and installing as one of the specialized company.
Company is committed to the industrial production of ventilation products. The main products include blower, air grille, air damper, air duct, supporting hanger, plenum chamber, fireproof flexible connector, insulation duct and purification products, etc. Mainly undertake fire fighting, ventilation, air-conditioning and purification, dust removal and other projects. Services in all types of public and civil construction, factories, mines, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, gymnasium, electricity, chemical and so on.
Company's main production base is located in B district Luohuang Industrial Park Chongqing. Base area is more than 10,000 ㎡. Factory production staff is more than 130 people, Peripheral construction team is more than 70 branches. The output value is nearly 100 billion RMB. Company has a number of automated production lines, and advanced CNC shearing, bending, stamping equipment, precision plasma cutting machine and air grille processing equipment, etc. Company pioneered the establishment of BIM Center, using advanced information technology, pipelining production, strict implementation of ISO9001 system. Technological level and production capacity is in the peer leading position.
For better, faster service customers, Company has established a production service base in Chengdu, business scope rapidly radiate to the entire Southwest region China. Company also actively expand overseas markets, and achieved international export related certification, products are exported to Asia, Africa, Europe, the United States and other countries and regions.
Company with sophisticated equipment, high-quality staff, perfect testing means and good after-sales service, won the overwhelming majority of customers trust and affirmation. "ERAN PEOPLE" with honesty, pragmatic attitude and user-orientated business philosophy to acknowledge the community of friends, who care and support the ERAN development.
Choose us, more assured, more health, and comfortable!